Woodland Walk ‘n’ Talk

September 10, 2021

My adventures in the forest continue. Over the summer our son shot a video in which I tell a bit about our place in Madoc, Ontario. Erica Dixon of the Ontario Woodlot Association edited the footage. The video should appear at the bottom of this post.

We shot most of this on a very hot day in August, which explains why Coco pants so much. Also, we filmed just as we were about to leave, and we completely forgot to use some bug spray. In the muggy woods the mosquitos devoured us. The camera shakes as Frits tries to keep them off him. It all adds to the drama.

Later in September the Ontario Woodlot Association will host a Woodland Walk ‘n’ Talk. Copy this link:


They used to do these in person, but with the pandemic it is all virtual. I guess the good news is that you can see our woods without having to brave the bugs!