Bike accident

October 24, 2019
helmetA car ploughed into me head-on while I was standing with my bike waiting for traffic to clear.
The impact pushed my bike into me and whacked my head on the street.
The driver stopped.  There was a witness. Paramedics, firefighters and cops arrived. Cops charged driver.
The police officer handed me a piece of paper titled, “Toronto Police Service Motor Vehicle Accident Report– Driver Copy.”
The title seems off to me, since I was not the driver in this case. Did the officer hand me the wrong document? Or is it because they can’t spit out a report with the title, “Cyclist Copy”? Or perhaps, “Rider Copy”?

The driver, at any rate, apparently faces, “Chg #!” although the report does not tell us what the Chg is, and the officer refused to elaborate.
Bike mangled but now fixed.
Driver paid for my bike repair.
My helmet saved my life.
Paramedics came, checked me out, suggested I see my family doctor, who was not in his office yesterday.
My back hurts. Went to the doctor. He said I don’t have a concussion.
On the plus side, I stayed home on Tuesday. Just after lunch Tallulah arrived on a bus from Montreal. Then Frits walked in, soaking wet, from a very rainy Ultimate tournament. The four of us at an impromptu lunch together and laughed a lot.
I would not have been home, but for the accident. So there was a silver lining there.